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The Schauinsland mountain and its weather
The weather on the Schauinsland mountain differs considerably to that in the Rheintal, and not just with respect to lower temperatures due to the height difference. The average yearly precipitation amounts to around 2000 l/ m², three times that of Freiburg. This can cause restrictions for the weather dependant scooter trips.
The Kachelmann-weather station at the Schauinsland mountain cable car station offers a reliable
to assist with planning scooter trips. The scale used to indicate precipitation can however seem confusing. 6 mm of precipitation equals 6 l/ m², and so the height of the blue bar on the chart does not actually mean heavy rainfall.

The Schauinsland cable car also has a webcam which shows the view from the top station facing north and current weather information. The uppermost part of the scooter track is in the foreground of the image. This area is exposed to the wind and for reasons of safety often leads to the Schauinsland cable car being closed during stormy westerly weather conditions.

Used Scooters for sale
We often have used, fully functioning scooters for sale. These are used for example when training dogs.

At the moment we have a used downhill scooter:    SOLD
Frame:                        Tequila Aluminium (red)
Suspension Fork:     Unknown
Rear brake:                Magura Julie 160mm
Front brake:                Magura HS33
Front wheel:               SunRims Big Mammoth 25"
Rear wheel:               SunRims Rhyno Lite 26"
Tyres:                          Schwalbe Landcruiser (good condition 60%)
Weight :                      15kg

At the moment we have no scooters for sale.