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The Schauinsland is located 15 km south of Freiburg, 50 km north of Switzerland (Basel) and 50 km east of France (Colmar) making it well connected. The journey to us by the Schauinsland cable car is an experience in itself: with it's lenght of 3.6 km, the Schauinsland cable car is the the longest continuous cable car route in Germany. It has been in operation since 1930, linking Freiburg to the mountain top in 20 minutes. The gondolas can carry up to seven people, travel at speeds of around 3.5 m/ s (13 km/ h) and depart every two minutes.

Public Transport
The Schauinsland mountain can be reached from Freiburg using comfortable and
environmentally friendly public transport.
Simply catch the VAG tram line 2 + bus 21, followed by the Schauinsland cable car (permanently
every day from 9 am till 5 pm, July - September until 6 pm). From the centre of Freiburg, it takes
around 60 minutes to reach the top of the Schauinsland mountain when travelling by tram, bus
and cable car .
Fares of Schauinsland cable car

If coming from Dreisamtal, take the SBG bus line 7215 from Kirchzarten train station to the stop "Halde" in 30 min. It will take you another 30 min walking to reach the scooter issuing point at the top cable car station,

Saturdays/ Sundays and Bank Holidays from 07.05. until 09.10. 2016, the SBG bus line will also stop at the Schauinsland top cable car station. Starting from central station Freiburg (Freiburg-Kirchzarten by train), you will reach the scooter issuing point in 50 min.

When coming from Todtnau in Wiesental, the closest bus stop of SBG bus line 7215 is
Schauinsland Halde. The Schauinsland cable car station is a 30 minute walk away.
79215 Bus Timetable

How to find us:
The Downinsland scooter track begins at the top of the Schauinsland mountain at the cable car station and ends at the valley station 8km away. The best way to reach Downinsland is to take the Schauinsland cable car, which is also used to return scooters back to the start.
For navigation systems:
• Valley cable car station:        79289 Horben + Bohrerstr 11
• Geo-coordinates:                   N 47' 56' 10" E 07' 51' 54" (WGS 84)
• Mountain cable car station:  79100 Freiburg + Schauinslandstr 390
• Geo-coordinates:                   N 47' 54' 31" E 07' 53' 33" (WGS 84)

Usual practice is to take the cable car to the top of the Schauinsland and then go down by scooter.
It is however possible to do things the other way round: go down by scooter and back up by taking
the cable car. Be aware that this will usually not work with 5pm scooter ride due to time

By foot
From the valley station it takes around two hours to reach the mountain station following the
shortest route. We don't advise you to come this way unless you are very sporty.

By Car
Coming from Freiburg, it's easy to find your way thanks to the many road signs with "Schauinsland and the cable car symbol".
Journey times:
• Freiburg - Valley station                                           10 min
• Freiburg - Mountain station                                      30 min
• motorway A5 Freiburg centre - Valley station       25 min
• motorway A5 Freiburg centre - Mountain station 40 min

By Coach
ATTENTION! Please be aware of the 3.6 m height limit on the archway in Freiburg-Günterstal along the stretch from Freiburg centre to the valley station in Horben.

As good circumnavigation (and less curvy!), drive via Freiburg, Kirchzarten L126, Oberried direction Todtnau, turn off in Hofsgrund towards Schauinsland (signposting "Museums-Bergwerk").

Both routes will take you around 30 min. You'll find parking space for busses below the cable car top station and along the L124 direction south.

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