Downinsland Scooter Track Schauinsland




Markus Kiefer (born 1967) has been deputy manager of the Downinsland Scooter Track since 2006.
Alongside organising scooter trips on the Schauinsland mountain, Markus is specialized in the maintenance and repair of broken scooters. He finds all problems, no matter how tricky or fiddly.
Beneath, he takes care of the maintenance of the scooter track and carries out necessary improvements.

Alexander Siegel
(born 1977) has been working as our scooter guide since 2010.
As an enthusiastic biker with a career in racing, he leads the instruction, supervison and support for scooter riders with a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication.
He organises the regular scooter trips on the Schauinsland mountain. His long-standing experience of cycling is of great use when repairing technical problems both in the workshop and out on the track.

Berthold Steiber (born 1954) has been the responsible manager of the Downinsland Scooter Track since 2006.
His core activities at the office in Freiburg include customer service by phone and email and the booking of special trips and reservations. Furthermore he manages the general organisation, administration, finances and controlling.


Markus Kiefer

Alexander Siegel